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Plotted Development & Apartments
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Plotted Development & Apartments

A capital real estate opportunity. Sterling Greenwoods is one of Ahmedabad's leading real estate developers. Established in 1965, Group is credited with 100% delivery record in its over 40 years of operation. It has established numerous projects for diversified customer groups-apartments, commercial complexes, bungalows, row-houses, tenaments, residential plots, clubs & resorts, etc.

Some of its successful projects include bungalow plot schemes like Sterling Park , Sunrise Park , Vishrut, Greenwoods residential plots, Greenwoods farm plots, Greenwoods Sarovar I and Greenwoods Farms, Thol. These projects have given plot owners unbelievable return on investments averaging over 100% per annum.

7 Reasons

that ensure high value appreciation of plots in Greenwoods Plotted Development

2. Completed our 50 projects and last 48 years including 12 townships.

3. Building township since 1965.

4. Continues to provide long term customer support & service.

5. Membership of modern club

6. Superior Development and Infrastructure

7. Life style facilities

9. All townships promote eco- friendly green environment.

All these townships had mind boggling appreciation. See few examples given below

Blue Chip Investment
Township Schemes Year Original Selling rate Est. : market rate 2009
Sterling Park 1972 Rs. 17 per sq. yard Rs. 80, 000 per sq. yard
Vishrut Bungalow 1973 Rs. 17 per sq. yard Rs. 60, 000 per sq. yard
Sunrise Park 1975 Rs. 62.5 per sq. yard Rs. 90, 000 per sq. yard
Garden city phase - I & II 1985 Rs. 25 per sq. yard Rs. 14, 000 per sq. yard
Garden city phase - III 1998 Rs. 150 per sq. yard Rs. 7000-per sq. yard
Garden city phase - IV 1999 Rs. 150 per sq. yard Rs. 5500- per sq. yard
Sarovar village 2008 Rs. 700 per sq. yard Price on Request



Plotted Development & Apartments in Ahmedabad